Meet Guest Blogger/Author Holly Jacobs!

Hey holly1folks! Today we have a guest blogger, and one of my favorite people, stopping by. One of the best parts of being a romance author is meeting other romance authors, and one of my favorites is Holly Jacobs, who has written about a gazillion books for Harlequin and other publishers (and I very highly recommend her books!). She also writes mystery — her Maid in L.A series is a riot!

Holly and I also share a mutual love of vintage Griswold Cast Iron (which comes from Erie, PA, where Holly lives), as well as cooking and baking. So, she was a natural to be my first guest blogger on the site — as you’ll see here, Holly is a dynamo who is always working on about five things at once, while watching her grandchildren and writing books. 


Hey everyone! I’m stoked to be blogging here, today, and hope you enjoy the blog post!

I have a big family, so over the years I’ve spent a lot of time in the kitchen cooking. It’s okay, most days I like cooking. I love trying to make recipes healthier. Yeah, I’m one of those moms. On occasion, the kids will ask what I did to a recipe. It seems they’re suspicious I added something healthy to it. Most of the time I did, but I rarely if ever tell.

So cooking has been a big part of my life. I’ve done a lot of Cooks and Books videos where I talk about some of my favorite recipes.

Now, I’ll be expanding my cooking into the college classes I’ve been taking. Yes, I’m back in school! Of course, I’m only taking one class a term and all my classes to date have been ceramics. LOL

Last term, I concentrated on learning to throw on a pottery wheel. I’m much better now than I was. I think part of the reason I’ve improved is I signed on to make bowls for the University’s Empty Bowl Fundraiser this coming Spring. I made fifty bowls last term and I made another fifty over the holiday break. I just finished the 100th today before I finished the blog post.  Looking at my early ones, they’re small and frankly inelegant. Number 100 is by no means a perfect bowl, but it’s so much better! I love that I learned something while helping the hungry.

Now that the bowls are almost done, I’m planning to make some things for my kitchen…which leads me back to cooking. We use rolled butter here. It’s rolled, so it’s round. My butter dish is rectangular. Can you see the problem?? 🙂

So, I want to make something that will hold my round butter. I want to make plates (I’ve made four so far) to take out to camp. I want to make a set of Bee coffee mugs (I’ve done a couple prototypes) and I want…okay, there probably aren’t enough hours this term to make everything I want!  I guess that means I’ll have to take another pottery class next fall

I think I can squeak another year of ceramic classes before they kick me out into other types. Yes, my entire first freshman term will be pottery. The question is, what next? In school, I’ve got some idea of what classes I want to take, and as for pottery I’ll be building my own small studio. I can’t wait!

Cooking influences my pottery and it works its way into my books as well. I wrote a blog post about how mealtimes are a big part in my writing. Mealtime can bring people together. And that’s what’s my books are about…families and bringing people together. I like the thoughts of bringing people together with my bowls, my cooking, or whatever projects I make in the spring term. Cooking, pottery and writing. There’s so much out there to explore and try. Sometimes I wish there were more hours in the day!

Do you find cooking brings people and families together? Do you have hobbies that connect you with food and cooking? I’d love to hear about it!

Happy Cooking!



3 thoughts on “Meet Guest Blogger/Author Holly Jacobs!

    • Thanks for being here, Holly – your work is inspiring! I wondered about the rolled butter dish as well — would you do something that has a cover (we have a thing called a “butter bell” where it has a little cup you put the butter in, and then you turn it over in water to keep it fresh on the counter — I wonder if you could do something similar for a rolled butter? I’ve never seen one, and we have rolled butter here as well, and I wonder if you could have a little Etsy store where you could sell a unique product for rolled butter!


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