A New Year, a New Start…

ece21b51661577.58f63a7bb30ee.gifSo here we are, ten days into 2019, and it’s been a crazy few months! From an incredibly busy Thanksgiving through a Christmas that brought with it some health issues and challenges that toned down our celebrations, but also gave us quieter time to reassess our goals and plans for the New Year. For me, part of that was reviewing the blog, its purpose (for me, and for you) and wondering how to make it better, useful, and more fun.


So, Flour on the Counter is bumped back up on the priorities list, and with it, some new features such as guest posts that will be forthcoming on topics such as:

  • how weightlifters eat for their sport (I am not a lifter, but I have family and friends who are)
  • cake decorating
  • writers who cook
  • men and cooking
  • food and travel
  • healthy lifestyle
  • meal and recipe planning

If you have an idea or topic you’d like to see here, let me know in comments!

One big change for me is how I’ve been eating for the past 6 months, which is very different from how I ate when I started this blog. Last July I began Intermittent Fasting, and soon after that, I began an 80% Vegetarian diet — this largely in response to not feeling well, and because fasting by itself did not do enough. We needed to change what we were eating as well as how.

I’ve also been conflicted about consuming too much meat for a long time because of my concerns about animal welfare and factory farming — it’s toll on animals, the environment, and our health. Being 80% vegetarian allows me to live much closer to my personal ethics. We still eat some meat, but less so, and when we do, it’s pasture-raised and humanely treated. It costs more, but we can afford it when we eat less.

In those 6 months, I also lost 13lbs — a little more than 2lbs a month.  My cravings for sugar practically disappeared and I have come to generally eat less than I did before.  If I want something, I have it, but mostly, what I want is to eat clean and continue feeling better! However… I still love to bake, so working that out over the new year will be an interesting challenge! I also need to explore more consistent exercise and fitness.

Other changes to the blog will be more personal narrative posts (like this one) that discuss various food issues, research or things that are relevant to our eating. One thing that is for certain is that there will be at least one blog post here weekly! No more slacking!

If you have other ideas for things you’d like to see here, please let me know. If you would like to be a guest blogger, drop me a note at flouronthecounter@gmail.com and we can discuss. Until then, stay tuned!



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