Drop Dead Simple Tomato Soup

Even though we’re not into the really cold weather yet here in Syracuse, I have been wanting Tomato Soup for days. Finally, tonight, I settled on Tomato Soup and a Toasted Cheddar Cheese Sandwich for dinner. So what if it’s 75 degrees outside right?

Confession: I’ve never made my own Tomato Soup.

I make all kinds of soups, but I have never made Tomato. I use Campbell’s, the soup of my youth, or Progresso (low sodium) Tomato-Basil, but they were out at the store.ย  It was a sign.

So, I did a quick search for Tomato Soup recipes. There is a world of Tomato Soup recipes out there, and many of them take a whole lot of ingredients, work, and time.

They might be worth it, but I wasn’t interested in any of that at dinner time after a busy day.ย  Finally, one recipe caught my eye: theย Easy Three Ingredient Tomato Soup Recipe at Inspired Taste.

Everything I wanted was right there in the title! But. . . could it really be good?

Two things gave me hope. First, the recipe has a lot of really good reviews on the site.

Second, it uses butter. Not only do I love butter, but my mother always added butter to canned tomato soup and so do I (and black pepper). That had to be a good sign. I decided to give it a try.

It took less than an hour, and I had everything on hand: a 28 oz. can of Wegmans Crushed Tomatoes, unsalted butter, and a huge sweet onion. Other than water, salt and pepper, that’s all I needed.

Oh, yes, I did add a teaspoon of white sugar, as sugar does magical things for tomatoes. I added less than a teaspoon of Syracuse Salt Company’s Maldon Sea Salt Flakes.

Following the recipe as it’s written (dump everything in a pot and let it boil for about 45 minutes), I put it into my Vitamix Blender and whizzed it up for about 5 seconds and it was done (you can use an immersion blender as well).

I’d like to say I have a picture of my complete meal, with the yummy sandwich, but. . . it’s gone.


Here, however, is one final leftover bowl of soup I have for tomorrow (one recipe of the soup made three large bowls — I admit, I had two).

It’s very very very (very) good. Mine was thickish, but you could thin it with a bit more water (or broth, if you opted for that) if you like yours thinner. I would do that especially if I was adding macaroni (and I would, in that case, probably add a bit more butter with the macaroni). You could add fresh basil at the end, or cheese, or croutons, milk or cream — but I enjoyed it just like this.

It was so simple, so straightforward, so inexpensive, and so delicious (with less than half the sodium than you get in canned soup), that I know it’s going to become a staple around our house. I might to try it with fresh tomatoes, but there’s really no reason to, unless you have a bunch to get rid of — the canned tomatoes work beautifully, just as the recipe says.

It’s safe to say my Campbell’s and Progresso Tomato Soup days are over.


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