Lasagna for Breakfast!

Yes, you heard me — lasagna for breakfast!

This past weekend, we made a gorgeous pot of Lasagna with fresh noodles (Mike’s been making all of our pasta since we got the Kitchen Aid attachment, and once you make fresh pasta, you’ll never buy boxed again).


It was delicious, though for only two of us, after two dinners, there were still a lot of leftovers. Some went into the freezer for later, and last night, when I was putting it away, I thought… I wonder how this would be with some eggs?

I couldn’t wait to try it this morning. The method was simple.

I fried up a cup and a half or so of chopped up Lasagna in a pan (don’t go short on the butter — I probably used close to 2 tbs) and when it’s thoroughly hot and getting some of those delicious fried edges, crack a few eggs on top, cover, and cook until it’s done!

One of my eggs, the double-yolk, broke, unfortunately, but the other was cooked to a nice semi-runny doneness. So so so good when you mix the richness of that yolk into the pasta!


Yes, that’s all there is to having one of the best breakfasts ever. We had a buttery English Muffin on the side, but some nice toast from fresh Italian or Sourdough bread would have been even better.Β  Fruit on the side would have been perfect, but I’m out — today is grocery day.

This was one of the best breakfasts I’ve ever made, and it was so simple. It will be a must-have for us now any time there are Lasagna (or Manicotti, or Ravioli) leftovers in the house.

Try it – you won’t be sorry. πŸ™‚

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