What I’m Making Tonight…

It’s Friday, and I have a hankering for fish.

We have several very good fish restaurants in Syracuse — one of our favorites being The Fish Friar — but we also have several good stores where you can buy freshly shipped fish. Yes, it’s pricey, but for a treat once or twice a month, it’s worth it.

I think fried fish is one of those things people generally just go out for, but I have to believe, like most things, homemade is always better. I’ve made homemade potato chips, fried chicken, fritters, etc…so we’ll see how the fish goes.

Today, I went to Fins & Tails , our go-to fish store, and bought some New Zealand Orange Roughy — they had Hake, but the Roughy was fresh — never frozen, and was shipped 48 hours ago — not bad.

So, with my ~2lbs of Roughy, I am going to use this recipe for Beer Battered Fish, and see what happens. I expect good things, and will report later. I hope it will look something like this photo from the recipe — I’ll post mine in comments later to compare.20110221-127355-dinner-tonight-beer-battered-fish

Do you have a favorite fried fish recipe or trick up your sleeve you could share? My focus is always making sure the oil is hot enough — and I use a thermometer, I don’t guess. One thing I like in particular about this recipe is that they only focus on fish — as I plan to do. We have leftover potato salad in the fridge, so there’s no reason to make fries. Then, there are some lovely sourdough brownies for dessert… a perfect Friday night meal.


What are you cooking tonight, or are you going out? Any fun stuff on you counter for this weekend?



My attempt — I can’t post it in comments, so doing it here — I ran short on cornstarch, so just scaled down and added more flour. Still came out great, though not exactly like the photo in the recipe. I also think my filet was too large — will go smaller next time. Every time I cook fish I realize I bought too much! It never looks like so much at the store. 🙂


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