Quick Summer Cooking Tip for Corn on the Cob (with a quick Corn Salad recipe!)

We’ve been hosting parties and dinners all weekend — and it was a very good time! Today, though, is a quiet Sunday and I’m glad for that. Time to decompress and prepare for the week, but I want to take a minute to share a tip I found this weekend. Perhaps you already know it, but it was new to me, and I feel like I’ve discovered gold!

We’re having temperatures in the upper 80s and 90s, with heat indices closer to 100. So this is not the time to use your stove too much. And while we don’t have local corn yet, the corn coming up from the south has been pretty good, at least for salads and recipes if not eating on the cob.

For our dinner guests last night, I made some ribeye steaks, a pasta salad, and I thought a corn salad I love would work perfectly. So we picked up some already cleaned corn and I sort of dreaded having to set up a boiling pot of water — so I went a-searchin’ on the internet and found this:  A way to cook corn on the cob quickly and in the microwave!

It did a wonderful job — easy-peasy and fast with no mess. There are variations using different paper, leaving the husks on, etc, but this one was one of the earliest blogs I found on the topic, and it works like a charm.

My only add to the instructions would be that you  might want to go 4-5 minutes, depending on how you like your corn or how large it is (3 min was a little too crunchy for me, even for salad). I also just left it sitting in the hot towel when it came out, and it was great. I highly recommend this method for your summer corn (though it might get onerous doing more than 3-5 cobs — for that, I would recommend the grill or a larger steamer.

And the salad recipe. I discovered this basic recipe a few years ago, though I never use a recipe. I basically throw it together with what  I have on hand now, various herbs, onions, or acids.

Last night I used green onions, and lime juice + some white wine vinegar. This is a recipe based on how many people you are serving (or how much you want to eat — I can eat a lot of this salad), so just adjust amounts and taste as you go (always). While some salt is good, don’t over-season — the vegetables really are the stars here — the right amount of salt and acid will make them shine, too much will drown them.


  • steam and shave kernels from 2 cobs per person being served  (You can use frozen in a pinch but it’s not the same as having the larger slices from the cob)
  • .5 -1 lb halved cherry tomatoes
  • 1/2 cup or so chopped onion of your choice (chives are my favorite) — use moderate amounts of a strong onion like red onion, shallot, etc, you can use more of gentle flavors like the chives
  • 1-2 tbs fresh chopped herbs: choose from basil, chervil, oregano, cilantro or maybe even mint!
  • Other possible adds: cheese (not my favorite), beans, sweet or spicy peppers
  • Salt to taste (do this gradually, balance with acid), small amounts of sugar, though I never do that if the corn and tomatoes are sweet.


olive oil, lemon or lime juice, red or white vinegar, mixed in proportion to your salad size — taste as you go so that it’s all covered but not soaking in dressing.

Enjoy! Do you have any great summer cooking tips to share?




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