It’s Always the Right Time For Soup

While we were sweltering last week in the near-90s, as Syracuse is wont to do, we are now rainy, grey and in the 60s — the breeze coming in the window feels a lot chillier than that.

A perfect day for soup! I had a recipe from Skinnytaste for Ham Bone Soup with Potatoes and Cabbage, and hooray! I actually had a ham bone in the freezer that I’d set aside to use later, and all of the other ingredients on hand.

Because it’s still summer, and I didn’t feel like hauling out the Dutch Oven, I grabbed my Instantpot — one thing that is great about Gina’s recipes is that she has all of them geared toward conventional cooking and using the InstantPot.

This was perfect because I was busy doing other things and the InstantPot does all the work while I was busy elsewhere. However, if you haven’t used this cookware, what you need to know is that while it’s called Instant Pot, when you use the pressure cooker settings, like I did here, you still have to wait for the pressure to rise and fall. So be sure to count in an extra hour or so above the cook times. That was fine with me, because I got a lot done while the soup was cooking. And, it is still summer — the InstantPot doesn’t heat up the house, either.

20180604_182329While the Skinnytaste recipes are geared toward healthy eating, I usually add in things of my own — in this case, 2 onions instead of one, black pepper, Thyme, and I used my own frozen turkey broth. My ham bone was pretty large and had quite a bit of ham on it, and I added what was left from the freezer. I also used olive oil to sautee instead of PAM.

I still think this was a healthy, hearty meal though probably with more calories than the original (one of the things I fit in while it was cooking was a workout, so…).

Anyway, the final soup took a total of 2 hours, but my only time was about 15 minutes of prep. The soup required 40 minutes of cook time; the rest was pressurizing. The miracle of a pressure cooker is that it develops deep, rich flavor in such a small amount of time, and the soup certainly tasted as if it had been cooking all day. So, so good! 20180604_184619

We served it in our favorite Russell Wright soup bowls (RW Iroquois Casual is our daily dishware. My kitchen is full of vintage items I use daily).  Of course, I love my VitaMix and InstantPot just as much!

Do you use an InstantPot? What is your favorite recipe? Do you also have vintage items you love to use in the kitchen?

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